An Unprofessional Transportation Company


“The bridal party picked out the Limo they wanted, a decked out 2013 Limo, which they paid extra for and according to the bride, was assured they had two of the same limo so there would be no wedding day surprises. They showed up to pick up the groomsman in a beat up 2000 limo THAT WAS NOT CLEANED OUT FORM THE NIGHT BEFORE! The driver was a poor senior citizen who had no idea. He called. The excuse was their limo had been wrecked the night before. They had two? They’ve got phones? No warning. No call the night before or even in the morning. Just a crap dirty limo at the hotel. The limo did not have room (unlike the one chosen) for the entire bridal party from the church to the reception. To boot driver, was elderly was thrown under the bus. I honestly believe they sent this gentleman knowing that no one would yell at a man in his late 60’s or 70’s. Shameful. He picked up the groomsman and took us to the wedding. THEN was told not get the girls until we paid him his share. Eventually, he went to get the bride but imagine what she thought getting into a dirty Limo. It was not the driver’s fault, he was the messenger but what lousy service. I don’t believe this was and accident. I think they double booked but they at least could have told the old man the crap limo was dirty so he could clean it. There were wine and soda stains on the white fixtures and wrappers and garbage in the old smaller limo. DO NOT USE THEM.” – Stan Andrew


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