An Unprofessional Transportation Company





“RENTER BEWARE…. I used this company for my wedding. A few months prior to my wedding, I received a phone call from the company asking me about the times that I would be using the Royals Royce for my wedding. They stated that another couple was interested in the car and they were trying to see if they could basically get the car to both affairs. However, when I told them that I would need the car from my house in the afternoon, they were not so pleased. This would not be the last time that they would contact me regarding the car. I had a second conversation with this company about the same car a week prior to my wedding. On the day of my wedding, the car mysteriously broke down, but the company didn’t call to tell me this. I had to find out by a different car showing up to my house! When the second car arrived, I was already in the full swing of my day and did not stop to complain. The car even smelt like fumes the entire ride to my wedding, however, I had not choice but to accept it for what it was and move on with the day.

After my wedding day, I was looking through photos that my guests had taken and one of the photos showed the front of the car they gave me. The entire grill on the front had chips along it that you could clearly see in the photos. At this point, we were about two weeks post wedding. The company had not called me to inform me about the broken down car or the change in cars at all within those two weeks. It was not until I brought it up to their attention that I found out that said car was even broken. They weren’t going to tell me that the car had broken down, they were going to see if I noticed. I ended up getting my money back and receiving a ride to the airport complimentary, but as I sift through my photos to make my wedding album, I am still devastated by the photos that were ruined by the poor condition of this car. I have thought about not writing a review because of the way it was handled post wedding with the company, but I feel like I was lied to in the process and I don’t want someone else’s forever photos to be ruined the same way.” – Vic D.