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“I was extremely disappointed in this limo company! A little over a year ago I got married and chose this venue because of heir trolley. My bridal party we from the ceremony to the reception in the trolley and my husband and I in the rolls Royce. My rolls Royce driver was an absolute sweetheart and we enjoyed the ride. The trolley driver, however, was a nightmare! he picked up the groomsmen and groom and instead of asking for the rest of the deposit then, he waited until moments before the ceremony began, which was not appropriate timing! After the ceremony, he would not leave until he got the rest of the money- fine. Upon arriving at the venue, my husband and I started taking pictures on the trolley. It was then that I was told by my bridal party that the trolley was way too hot. They said the driver either refused to turn the AC on, or it wasn’t working properly. My husband and I wanted to take pictures on the back of the trolley with my bridal party so I asked my photographer to set us up. When the trolley driver heard this, his response, word-for-word (& I remember it clearly because I was so taken aback) was, “whatever you think is going to happen here, it is not going to happen.” He claimed he had to get the trolley back ASAP for another party.” – Lorin


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“I thought Mark of Elegance was an OK limo service, but it is very difficult to get in touch with their wedding coordinator. I also thought they were priced a little high and a little disorganized. The limos were clean and the driver very professional, however leading up to the wedding they gave me a headache!” – Erica B.



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“I was expecting more from Mark of Elegance Limo Service and honestly, I was so disappointed of the service I received.”

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“4 days prior to my wedding date, Mark of Elegance contacts me to notify me that they will need to charge me an additional $400 for the after wedding limo drop-off service that we agreed on 2 weeks prior. I then contacted two other Limo companies, who both priced me at the same amount as Mark of Elegance originally agreed on (proving Mark of Elegance was trying to rip me off). They tried to price gouge me at the last minute, so do yourself a favor by starting your hunt for a limo elsewhere; it will save you from the same last minute anguish we went through.”